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(Fedora Nicaragua School)
(Date and Place)
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=Date and Place=
=Date and Place=
* '''Date:'''  Saturday 18th May, 2013
* '''Date:'''  July 8th - 2014
* '''Time:''' 2:00pm - 5:00pm (-6 UTC)
* '''Time:''' 2:00pm - 5:00pm (-6 UTC)
* '''Place:''' [ Hotel Mansión Teodolinda]
* '''Place:''' [ UHISPAM Masaya]
** Address: West side of Plaza Inter, 2 blocks west 2 and a half blocks south. Bolonia, Managua, Nicaragua.
=Event Owners=
=Event Owners=

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Escuela Fedora


Fedora Nicaragua Uhispam

The FedoraNi community invites to a learning session in the "Universidad Hispanoamericana" in Masaya.

Date and Place

  • Date: July 8th - 2014
  • Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm (-6 UTC)
  • Place: UHISPAM Masaya

Event Owners


Time Topic Content
2:00 pm Introduction What's L10N, what we do and how we do it
2:20 pm Transifex Web-based editors and downloading source files for off-line use
2:40 pm CVS repository Handling the cvsl10n repo and how gettext works
3:10 pm Off-line edition Modifying the PO files using Poedit and Gtranslator
3:25 pm Getting help Looking for assist for our tasks and on-line resources
3:40 pm Fedora-outside Doing the same work for other open source projects
4:30 pm Practice Live implementation of learned knowledge


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  2. Google+ Event