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Things that we want at every FUDCon

  • FUDcon's need different regional foci
    • Based on dgilmore going to Brazil, 95-99% of the people were users, very different from a NA FUDCon. Developers disappeared and did not appear for the rest of the conference
  • Encourage presentation of new/controversial/unprecedented ideas
  • Reasonable walking distance and transit options
  • Broad representation of areas within Fedora
  • A place for parts of the Fedora community that do not ordinarily interact to do so
  • Get developers talking to users - presenting information and education
  • A suffciently wide variety of people from around the region in order for people that do normally see each other to do so.
  • Some sponsorship available for attendees
    • At least one person should be sponsored, so that someone that is not otherwise able to get there should be able to get there
  • Social event for attendees - a way for people to interact that is not around a keyboard
  • Good, reliable Internet connectivity at site, as a variable value depending on region.
    • How do we gauge this?
    • Minimum from facility is 10Mbps (this would be in NA)
    • At other conferences,
  • Options for diniing around the site, taking into account various dietary restrictions and variety.
  • Variety of room capacities and configurations
    • One of the rooms must a large auditorium that will seat everybody registered.
    • Sufficient A/V support at negligible cost