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Put your nominations here (keep them in alphabetic order please).


Josh Boyer

  • Goal Statement: Leverage the expertise across the Fedora contributor base to create a productive and friendly environment for all contributors. Continue working towards a complete secondary architecture solution.
  • Past work summary: I own a small number of packages in Fedora, however packaging hasn't been my primary focus. Instead I have been working on Release Engineering, and PowerPC support. I've also been on FESCo for the past two terms.
  • Future Plans: Continue to ensure Fedora works well on PowerPC and other secondary architectures, and aid again in Release Engineering as I can. Look for ways to bring new contributors into Fedora.
  • Other: I have no ninjas, nor superpowers. I don't have campaign finance managers, or TV commercials either. If you have a question on where I stand on an issue, please feel free to ask me.

Steve Dickson

  • Mission Statement: My goal is to continue to make Fedora the best development platform for both kernel and user level development. I would also like to see Fedora continue to be on the leading edge of technology with emphases on put more energy into automating testing procedures to ensure Fedora 'right-out-of-box' quality.
  • Past work summary: I'm one of Red Hat's NFS maintainers. I'm the upstream and Fedora maintainer of a number of packages include nfs-utils. I served on the Fedora Board for the last two releases.
  • Future Plans: Continue to make NFS the best it can be, especially version 4 which includes making version 4 the default, integrating Secure NFS with new project like OpenIPA. Finally, support the community's needs in whatever it takes to keep Fedora as one of the top development platforms.

Dennis Gilmore

  • Mission Statement : My goal is to continue to be a voice for infastructure, Secondary Arches and OLPC, Making sure that where possible everything needed to run fedora on a day to day basis is available and done. Try to ensure that each step Fedora makes is a step forward.
  • Past work summary : Maintain Extras for Aurora SPARC Linux, maintain a small handful of packages, buildsystem maintenance. I have done alot of work in infrastructure making sure that servers are up and running. Implemented EPEL buildsys and drove the initial idea forward. FESCo member, Fedora Board member and past EPEL steering committie member.
  • Future Plans : Continue work on Secondary Arches, Build system improvements, Making a better experience for maintainers in anyway I can. I also have an interest in Security.

Jon Stanley

  • Mission Statement: My mission as a member of FESCo will be to be a voice of the QA and bug triage functions within Fedora to FESCo. These are areas which require representation, due to their needing to be a close relationship with the maintainer community. This includes very active participation in the feature process, ensuring that features are in testable/final states by required milestones.
  • Past work summary: Revitalized the bug triage effort during the Fedora 9 cycle, and maintain a (very) small amount of packages. I've done a lot of work in release QA, as well, helping to ensure that Fedora is the world-class operating system that it deserves to be.
  • Future plans: Continue work on bug triage and QA, and make contributing to these projects the rewarding experience that it should be. Oversight of the feature process and various SIG's as required, however, I much prefer a hands-off approach unless intervention is required. At that time, intervention should be swift and with the goal of resolving the issues as quickly as possible.

Nigel Jones

  • Mission Statement: My main goal upon becoming a member of FESCo focus on easing the barriers for new (prospective) maintainers to join Fedora Project while continuing to ensure that our (high) standards are met, not just through initial package review but throughout the package lifespan and also focusing on maintainer retention.
  • Past work summary: I've been a user of Fedora since Core 2 while 'joining the community' later on with Core 6, in addition I've been a linux user since Mandrake 8.2 (I can still remember reading the manual online excitedly and really been wow'd by the interface but then disappointed by not knowing how to do anything - I was much younger then and I learned pretty quickly), I took a break for just under a year when my CLA was invalidated (employment) but I'm back as a maintainer of ~15 packages, member of the Infrastructure group & development lead of the Elections application.
  • Future plans: I plan on continuing the great work by FESCo (and others) on improving the packagers work flow, becoming more involved on a mentor ship level for new (and prospective) maintainers and become more involved on an SIG front to keep Fedora looking and working great.

Bill Nottingham

  • Mission Statement: I plan to represent the Fedora community in FESCo with an eye towards maintaining the quality and standards of the Fedora distribution, including features, testing, release engineering, and so on.
  • Past work summary : Red Hat employee since 1998, developer on Red Hat Linux since 5.1, Fedora contributor since its inception, FESCo member, Fedora board member, Release engineering team member, and assorted other roles.
  • Future plans : Continue to make Fedora the best freely available distribution anywhere.

Jarod Wilson

  • Mission Statement: Many Red Hat Enterprise Linux folks still don't understand Fedora entirely well, and need educating. And vice versa sometimes. I intend to provide something of a bridge between some of Red Hat's internal RHEL people and the Fedora world (particularly as it relates to the kernel). I've also got a vested interest in aiding and abetting the success of Fedora on the secondary arches, particularly those that are supported RHEL arches, since if Fedora runs on 'em, RHEL6 ought to also...
  • Past work summary: software engineer in Red Hat's enterprise kernel group (since early 2006), previously an engineer at now-defunct Linux Networx, long-time Fedora user/developer, maintainer of a number of Fedora packages, and all-around nice guy. Honest.
  • Future plans: Keep working on making the Fedora kernel better and better (spec file enhancements, firewire subsystem, etc), which of course trickles back into making the RHEL kernel better too. Help get more RHEL engineers actively involved in Fedora.

Bar Foo

  • Mission Statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans:

Nominations in case there are not enough candidates in the previous section


  • Mission Statement : I'm a firm believer in the KISS principle, think that common sense should trump, and like to have as many things open as possible.
  • Past work summary : I maintain 7 packages, seat in FESCo, and try to keep the ["PackageMaintainers/PackageStatus"] page up to date. I've been known to participate in mass rebuilds, mass BZ ticket filing, and otherwise make a nuisance of myself on occasions.
  • Future Plans : I'll continue to keep an eye on the review process, making sure all packages can be easily traced from review submission to retirement. I also like to automate things where possible. I'd like Fedora to become the de-facto source of high quality packages that other, slower moving distros can use to build their stuff on. I'd like Fedora to stay on the bleeding edge, to be the main interface between upstream project developers and usable packages in a coherent distribution.


  • I maintain many packages in Fedora, FESCO member for many years, and also member of Fedora Release Engineering. I spend a lot of time working on LTSP for Fedora.


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