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=== Posters ===
=== Posters ===
We have a special page for the submissions for release poster.
<gallery widths=200px heights=250px>
File:F19_poster.png| "Nineteen" Release Party Poster by [[User:Inkscaper|Alexander Smirnov]] - [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:F19_poster.svg SVG source]
[[F19_Artwork/Submissions/Poster | Submit your release poster concepts here]]!

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Release Name

Release name is Schrödinger's Cat.
Base your artwork submissions upon this name.


See the following page for the full F19 Artwork Schedule: F19 Design Tasks


Fedora 19 Schrödinger's Cat brainstorm on pinterest


For initial submissions for all kinds of release artwork, please use the following page:


Alpha Release Wallpaper

Beta Release Wallpaper

Final Release Wallpaper

Supplemental Wallpaper

Warning (medium size).png
Supplemental wallpaper submissions period will be closed Mon 01 April 2013: F19_Artwork/Submissions/Supplemental_Wallpapers.

Supplemental Wallpaper for F19 vote Results.

Release Banners

We have a special page for the submissions for release banners.

See our release banners concepts here!

Alpha Release Banner

Beta Release Banner

Countdown Banner

Final Release Banner

CD & DVD Sleeves

Sleeves and Labels - Artwork/MediaArt/F19

General Marketing