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[http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/ Southeast Linux Fest] in Spartanburg, SC
[http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/ Southeast Linux Fest] in Spartanburg, SC
Room: TBA
Room: Salon A
=== When ===
=== When ===

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[edit] Fedora Events: FAD @ SELF - Spartanburg, SC

[edit] Event Owner

[edit] When and Where

[edit] Location

Southeast Linux Fest in Spartanburg, SC

Room: Salon A

[edit] When

  • Friday, 11 June 2010 @ 1:00 PM until - Wiki Hackfest with Ian Weller
  • Sunday, 13 June 2010 @ 1:00 PM until - Talks and meet-and-greet.

[edit] Accommodation

Visit the Southeast Linux Fest website for additional information on accommodations.

[edit] Food

Various options are available (including a Krispy Kreme!) within walking distance.

[edit] Hackfest Agenda - Friday

Fun with Ian starting at 1P in room Salon A.

[edit] FAD Agenda - Sunday

Time Speaker Topic Comments
1:00 PM Paul Frields Fedora Myths Fedora Myths and Truths: Paul and Max will talk about a variety of notable aspects of Fedora -- and where the Intarwebz sometimes get it wrong.
1:30 PM Max Spevack Fedora Truths
2:00 PM Ian Weller Wiki Gardening Ian will talk about how the wiki provides a very low barrier to entry for any Fedora contributor. We use it for planning, information dumps, and training. By using well-known software and standards, we make it easy for you to contribute by keeping data up to date.
3:00 PM Robyn OPEN A big part of being an open and transparent is listening to your audience and community members. Based on your requests in the morning, we'll fill these slots appopriately. We'll have people on hand with a variety of skills and experience to share technical advice as well as general information.

[edit] Fedora Project Attendees

[edit] Announcement


Come one, come all to the Fedora Activity Day (FAD) at Southeast Linux Fest[1] (SELF) on 11 June 2010 in Spartanburg, SC. This FAD is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in Fedora no matter your level of experience. Ambassadors will be on hand...

[1] http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org

[edit] Reports