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FAmSCo Tasks List

Task Name

Owner: (e.g. FAmSCo, Chair)

Description: (Task details)

Frequency: (Is this task weekly, monthly, yearly?)


Owner: FAmSCo

Description: Treasurer indicates to FAMSCo the budget for the upcoming quarter, as well as any "promises" or expenses that are already known that will impact that budget in some way. Then, FAMSCo goes through the event list and determines how it would like to allocate funds. (see Budget page )

Frequency: each FY quarter - Event "freeze" 1 month before start of quarter.

FAmSCo meeting

Owner: Chair (Vice-Chair)

Description: FAmSCo members general meeting (see Meetings page )

Frequency: weekly - Meeting reminder has to be sent, at least, a day before the meeting

FAmSCo meeting summary

Owner: Thomas Canniot

Description: A Summary of the meeting, along with the log, has to be sent to FAmSCo and Ambassadors MLs, with a brief description of the topic discussed and the decision taken during this one.

Frequency: Everytime FAmSCo meeting is hold.

FAmSCo TRAC instance

Owner: SusmitShannigrahi

Description: Manage and organize the [|| FAmSCo Trac instance.]

Frequency: n/d

Ambassadors Membership Administration

Owner: JoergSimon

Description: Membership Administration: follow new ambassadors during the joining process, track it and work towards an improvement of ambassadorial experience.

Frequency: n/d


Owner: MaxSpevack

Description: Define and plan FADs

Frequency: n/d

Release Parties

Owner: FrancescoUgolini & SusmitShannigrahi

Description: Plan and coordinate Fedora Release Parties organization

Frequency: each Fedora release (for 2009, F11 and F12)

LATAM Events

Owner: RodrigoPadula

Description:Organize and give support to all LATAM events

Frequency: All Latam events - 2009

FUDCON Brazil 2009

Owner: RodrigoPadula

Description:Organize and coordinate the first Brazilian FUDCON

Frequency: 2009

French Ambassadors Organization

Owner: ThomasCanniot

Description: Working on a better organization of the French spoken ambassador

Frequency: n/d

Marketing Collaboration

Owner: JoergSimon & DavidNalley & FrancescoUgolini

Description: Working with Marketing project to define the marketing plan and to make it real working in the Ambassadors Project.

Frequency: n/d

Ambassadors Mentoring

Owner: JoergSimon

Description: Organize IRC classed, promote through the M-L and all the communication tool some "trainings" to better address the ambassadors activities. Work torwards to strengthen the regional Mentoring.

Frequency: n/d

Fedora Board Relation

Owner: FrancescoUgolini

Description: Keep, when it's needed, Fedora Board updated on what is happening in FAmSCo/Ambassadors Project and let FAmSCo know about the policies promoted by this one.

Frequency: n/d

Ambassadors Header AmbassadorsN1.png

Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee - Agenda

This page that holds the tasks we have in mind for the next days, weeks, and months. Its purpose is to help the coordination of our efforts. Discussions take place on our private mailing list. We will try to send summaries, reports, and the decisions to the Ambassadors lists.

Open issues 2010

Topic Owner Notes Due Date Proposer Status Action taken
Monthly report from FAmSCo members and sending it over to community Everyone Last year, we didn't had enough transparency and we lacked communication with the community Let's work on it. - Active
Encourage people to come to FAmSCo meeting and talk. Work with marketing. - This will involve FAmSCo with community Let's work on it. Active
Rules for FAmSCo elections - There has been much talk about discrepancy in FAmSCo election process. Let's work on creating a framework for next voting. This should not take much time. On going discussion here Let's work on it. Active
Quarterly Town-Hall IRC for FAmSCo members - As part of FAmSCo reaching out to Ambassadors, it would be good to have a town-hall organized quarterly. This would allow FAmSCo to provide update on work being done and, allow the Ambassadors to put across views and feedback Sankarshan 05:33, 21 December 2009 (UTC)Sankarshan Active
Labeled Spin Media - EMEA Request to produce also Media for spins --Jsimon 18:24, 2 January 2010 (UTC) Active
Survey amongst mentors on the Ambassador Mentorship - As part of FAmSCo coaching Ambassadors and strengthening the mentor program, it would be good to have a survey developed and used to obtain feedback from the mentors. This would allow FAmSCo to tweak the program to make it more fruitful and enriching experience Sankarshan 02:28, 23 December 2009 (UTC)Sankarshan Active

Open issues 2009 (To be cleaned up)

Topic Owner Notes Due Date
FAmSCo Statute FAmSCo See [1] and follow discussion in FAmSCo List. FAmSCo's ticket #33 on-going
Ambassadors' pages list FabianAffolter Make a list of our wiki pages done
Fedora Ambassadors Wall FrancescoUgolini done
FAmSCo position FAmSCo - on-going
Personal CLA reminders FAmSCo Contact members personally and push them to sign the CLA and get more actively involved.
Clean-up the existing list
Ambassadors Membership services JoergSimon, and FabianAffolter Guiding new contributor to become Fedora Ambassadors
- at the moment no update of the verification page (script is broken) -- fab 12:44, 21 August 2008 (UTC)
Statistics JeffreyTadlock and FabianAffolter Provide the world some numbers of the Ambassadors Project on-going, check Ambassadors:Statistics
"dead" Ambassadors FAmSCo There are over 500 ambassadors and some have invalid e-mail addresses, didn't answer e-mails, some have very lousy user pages, some didn't show up after the wiki migration, and so on and on... on-going

Archived Agenda Items