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This wiki page will help any sysadmin having a Fedora Hosted Project completely removed either because the owner requested to have it removed or for whatever any other issue that would take us to remove a project. This page covers git, Trac, Mailing List and FAS group clean-up.

Our first move

If you are going to remove a Fedora Hosted's project, please remember to create a folder into /srv/tmp that should follow the following syntax:

cd /srv/tmp && mkdir $project-hold-until-xx-xx-xx

where xx-xx-xx should be substituted with the date everything should be purged away from there. (it happens 14 days after the delete request)

Removing Project's git repo

Having a git repository removed can be achieved with the following steps:

ssh uid@fedorahosted.org
cd /git
mv $project.git/ /srv/tmp/$project-hold-until-xx-xx-xx/

We're done with git!

Removing Trac's project

Steps are:

ssh uid@fedorahosted.org
cd /srv/web/trac/projects
mv $project/ /srv/tmp/$project-hold-until-xx-xx-xx/

and...that's all!

Removing Project's ML

We have two options here:

Delete a list, but keep the archives

sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist <listname>

Delete a list and its archives

sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist -a <listname>

If you are going to completely remove the Mailing List and its archives, please make sure the list is empty and there are no subscribers in it.