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14th International Free Software Forum


Held annually in Porto Alegre, Brazil FISL is the largest in Latin America and one of the biggest events in the world.


  • July 03-06, 2012


  • Venue: Pontifícia Universidade Católica - PUC-RS
  • City / State: Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul
  • Country: Brazil

Organization Team

Fedora Activities at FISL 14

Community Events

Fedora Talks in Fedora Community Event

Title Speaker(s) Duration
Projeto Fedora Daniel Bruno ou Wolnei 20min
Por que Contribuir com o Ecossistema do Open Source (Fedora) Leonardo Vaz e Wolnei 15min
Fedora Spins (Games, Security Lab) Daniel Lara, Ramilton e Wolnei 15min
Virtualizacao no Fedora Amador Pahim 15min
Clouding: OpenStack & Openshift Antonio Salles 45min

Fedora Talks in main conference program

Title Speaker(s) Date/Time Room Duration
Beyond the 4 F's: What's Fedora doing effectively for the Open Source? Fabio Olive and Leonardo Vaz July 5th, 12 a.m. 41D 45 min
Transifex: De um projeto do GSoC a uma empresa no Vale do Silício Diego Búrigo Zacarão July 6th, 12 a.m. 41E 60 min
Ferramentas FOSS para Perícia Forense de Rede Ramilton Costa Gomes Júnior July 6th, 14 a.m. 715 180 min
oVirt Community Update Amador Pahim, Douglas Schilling Landgraf, Leonardo Menezes Vaz, Marcelo Barbosa July 4th, 12 a.m. 701 120 min


Fedora Project is going to be at FISL's "Users Group Area" and at OSAS' booth at conference showroom.


Fedora ARM

Dennis Gilmore will be presenting some talk about Fedora running in ARM devices at FISL 14 at OSAS' booth.


Name City Arrival Departure Hotel
Leonardo Vaz Sao Paulo, Brazil Jul 2nd morning Jul 7th night Everest
Daniel Bruno
Wolnei Junior
Daniel Lara
Douglas Landgraf
Itamar Peixoto
Leticia Canuto
Rafael Aquini
Guilherme Bitencourt
Marcelo Moreira de Mello
Claudio Penasio Junior Sao Paulo, Brazil Jul 3nd morning Jul 6th night Master Express Perimetral
Amador Pahim
Leonardo Barbosa
Antonio 'Seba' Salles
Ramilton Costa Gomes Júnior Serra, Brazil Jul 2nd morning Jul 7th morning Porto Alegre Hostel
Marcelo Barbosa Porto Alegre, Brazil Jul 2nd morning Jul 7th morning
Douglas Gonçalves Bahr
Diego Búrigo Zacarão Criciúma/Santa Catarina Jul 3rd evening Jul 6th evening Porto Alegre Hostel
Dennis Gilmore
Cândido Raphael Natal, Brazil Jul 1nd afternoon Jul 7nd morning Boutique

Travelling information

Getting There

  • From Airport of Porto Alegre: Map
  • From Bus Station of Porto Alegre: Map



Description Cost in BRL Cost in USD
Airfare subsidy
Lodging subsidy
  • Considering 1.00 USD = 2.00 BRL in Mar 2013

Event Reports