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* City / State: Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul
* City / State: Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul
* Country: Brazil  
* Country: Brazil  
* [ http://goo.gl/czafX Map ]
* Map: http://goo.gl/czafX  
=== Fedora Representation ===
=== Fedora Representation ===

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[edit] FLISOL 2013 - Brazil - Porto Alegre/RS

[edit] Date

April 27th, 2013

[edit] Event Description

This Install Fest will be a great opportunity to introduce the use and knowledge of Fedora to all students and general public. We expect to see 400 to 450 people attending the event. As this is a general purpose install fest, not only Fedora will be available. We will distribute most of them and keep one or two to install attendees machines.

Below you can find more information about the event.

  • Number of days: 1 day
  • Number of hours per day: 8 hours (starting at 9h, finishing at 17h)
  • Number of people expected: about 400
  • Number of medias/CDs requested: 150

Event page: http://flisol.net/FLISOL2013/Brasil/PortoAlegre

[edit] Location

  • Faculdade Senac-RS / R. Cel. Genuíno, 358 - Centro
  • City / State: Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul
  • Country: Brazil
  • Map: http://goo.gl/czafX

[edit] Fedora Representation

[edit] Event Calendar

The event will happen on April 27th, 2013:

  • Tech Talks
  • Free Software Install Fest

[edit] Fedora Talks

Title Speaker(s) Room hour
Junte-se ao Projeto Fedora Daniel Lara Sala 1 "Auditório" 15:10