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Feedbacks from COMMUNITY

Suggestion and feedbacks on Fedora 19 testing

  • Test Case Add or Remove

L10N Test day

yum - Why No Test Case????

cracklib and passwd - merge test cases

noriko - "the result of running passwd is the result for both cracklib and passwd"

  • While testing with live iso we need to have few changes in test cases accordingly.
    - Instead of running the command as root we need to do sudo.
    - Few packages of system-config-* are giving error messages.
  • Few testers are still confused with some situations like 100% translated with some rendering issues.
 One common guideline should be provided to testers to determine under which circumstances they should
 fail a test case.
 As this is only for l10n testing we should pass the test case if it is 100% translated. And provide some
 additional informations regarding rendering issue, etc as a comment.

Suggestion and feedbacks on Fedora 18 testing

  • Good feedback on new layout for test cases - Tagoh, Noriko
  • Anaconda testing to be done no matter its stable or not - Noriko
  • Better to have testing of comps component along with anaconda on Installation test day - Noriko
  • Provide bug numbers along with the test case or package if its tagged as 'this is currently not ready to test' - Noriko
  • Communication of testing dates to be earlier.

Suggestion and feedbacks on Fedora 17 testing

  • Test review - Firstboot - noriko - 20 Apr 2012
  • Special ISO creation - noriko - 20 Apr 2012
  • Communication Few day Early - Roman - 11 Apr 2012
  • Test cases more descriptive - Noriko - 20 Apr 2012

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