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Proposed: 12+13 or 19+20 November, 2011

  • Saturday: Unconference with possible themed track in another room
  • Sunday: Half-day hackfests, half-day unconference track (to present hackfest work, etc).


About Beijing

Beijing (北京) is the capital and cultural heart of China. It houses many universities and high profile IT companies of which Red Hat China is one.

Beijing is the second largest city in the People's Republic of China and has a very distinct and easy layout. The city is based around a ring structure which starts with the Forbidden City (or Palace Museum) being the center.

The city allows you to easily move around using public transport, of which the Subway is probably the best way.

Renmin University

Renmin University is one of China's top universities and provide an excellent location for hosting this event. It lies in Haidian District, Beijing's Silicon Valley.

Rent of classroom is possible; ranging from 400-500 yuan for a single classroom (40-50p) per halfday and 2000 yuan for a conference room (200p) per halfday. Discount option available.

Reference Links

Major Local Airports

Beijing Capital International Airport (Airport Code: PEK) is the major airport servicing Northern China and Beijing.

Transit to/from airport

The airport is easily accessible by public transport, e.g. subway and shuttlebus. Taxi takes about 40-50 mins from airport to the center of the city.

Local Mass Transit

The venue is easily reachable with public transport; several buses go to Renmin University and it is walking distance from Suzhoujie station along Subway Line 10. Also, the Beijing office of Red Hat is easily reachable using line 10.

Local Restaurants

Many styles of food is on offering. Almost in every street you can find a cheap restaurant which offers all kinds of Chinese food. Using Line 10 you can travel to Tuanjiehu and visit Sanlitun (三里屯). This area is famous as an international bar street and offers a lot of different styles of Western food. Another option which is about 15 minutes away is Wudaokao (五道口), this is also a famous area mostly known among students. There are too many options available to specify here ;-)


Estimated Hotel Costs

Transit to/from FUDCon

Easy access to Renmin University is possible by public transport.

Room Capacities and Configuration

Internet Capabilities

Alternate Venues for Meeting (not in a hotel)


Hopefully the Beijing Office of Red Hat in either Prosper Center near Guomao (国贸), Chinese World Trade Center or the Engineering office at Raycom near Tsinghua University. This is currently under discussion.

These locations are all within walking distance from a stop along subway Line 10


Room Spaces and Costs


Food and Catering

Transportation to Event

Price indication for flight tickets. For international and domestic flights you can fly directly to Beijing (PEK; Beijing Capital Airport). For domestic flights it is also possible to use Tianjin (Tianjin Binhai airport) and take the high speed train to Beijing (this takes about 30-40mins).

Pros and Cons of Proposed Location


  • Opportunity to grow Open Source and Fedora presence in Asia
  • Mozilla China has shown interest to participate in a themed track; e.g. web technologies.


  • Internet connectivity