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== FUDpub Option ==
== FUDpub Option ==
The [ Flam's] ([ en). Unlimited "French pizza" around.
Probably the [ Flam's].
== Planning Proposal ==
== Planning Proposal ==

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FUDcon EMEA 2012 - Paris

FUDCon Paris

Local Team

The following have worked for the bid, the whole team would be composed for the real event.

Considere joining the fudcon-planning mailing list.

Team meeting's

We have a special topic in our weekly meeting.


Date change
In order to avoid the OWF overlap, we have set Saturday as the 1st FUDCon day, which would be the last OWF day. And the continue to Monday on our fallback plan, the 'Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie' venue. Still waiting to know if we can get the big talk room on Sunday. (auditorium) there for free. It should be ok for Monday at least.
  • The plan is to host FUDCon EMEA 2012 with OWF 2012.

We've talked things over with Louis Montagne, president for the 2011 edition and he's interested in having both events take place at once.

    • OWF 2012 will take place on the 11, 12 and 13th of October 2012 at the Eurosites Georges V. Both events will be clearly announced and sharing the venue between hackers and booked rooms.
    • We want the FUDCon to take place the 13-14-15th of October. Saturday till Monday.

OWF, a major event

The Open World Forum is a Major Open Source event in Paris, with 3 axis: Think. Code. Experiment. There are many contributors coming from everywhere. This event is more talk oriented with a hackerspace, with less booth (than other FOSS events).

It's first 2 days would be OWF only, we would then have both events for one days, and finish with the last 2 FUDCon days on a different venue (can't stay on the same one, *really* too expensive, it's in the town (Paris!) center. Costs will be taken by the OWF comitee.

We would look for sponsor after the bid result.

Brief description of the city

Paris is the capital (and largest city) of France, at the heart of the Île-de-France region. The city of Paris has an estimated population of 2,211,297 while the Paris metropolitan area has a population of 12,089,098 and is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe. Paris was the largest city in the Western world for about 1,000 years, prior to the 19th century, and the largest in the world between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Paris is today one of the world's leading business and cultural centres, and its influences in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's major global cities. It hosts the headquarters of many international organizations such as UNESCO, the OECD, the International Chamber of Commerce or the informal Paris Club. Paris is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world as one of the greenest and most liveable in Europe. It is the most visited city in the world.

Further useful information :

  • Official currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: CEST
  • Electrical ratings: 230V/50Hz, (Plug type: #FIXME)

Airports and their distance from lodging and venue

The main international hub is Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

The second main airport is Orly (ORY)

Both are connected to the suburbs train "RER" line B. This line goes from South to North and is connected to the rest of the public transportation infrastructure, such as tramway, buses, metro, etc.

Estimated costs of flights major airports that attendees will travel from

As of Dec. 13th 2011


Trains British Airways Air France
Price Trains reservations start only 3 months prior to the event £ 102.55 134.56 €
Date Trains reservations start only 3 months prior to the event 25.09.2012 16:45 - 18:55 London (LHR) -> Paris (ORY) 25.09.2012 15:45 - 16:00 Paris (ORY) -> London (LHR)
Date Trains reservations start only 3 months prior to the event 25.09.2012 18:00 - 20:10 London (LHR) -> Paris (CDG) 25.09.2012 18:10 - 18:25 Paris (CDG) -> London (LHR)


Air Berlin Lufthansa Easy Jet
Price 100,01 € 155.79 € 86.97 €
Date 25.09.2012 06:15 - 08:00 Berlin (BER) -> Paris (ORY) 25.09.2012 17:40 - 19:15 Berlin (BER) -> Paris (CDG) 25.09.2012 16:10 - 18:00 Berlin (BER) -> Paris (ORY)
Date 29.09.2012 21:15 - 22:55 Paris (ORY) -> Berlin (BER) 29.09.2012 11:10 - 14:25 Paris (CDG) -> Berlin (BER) (via Munich) 29.09.2012 16:20 - 18:05 Paris (ORY) -> Berlin (BER)

New York

Air France Aer Lingus TAP
Price $1,311 $833 $928
Date 24.09.2012 19:15 - 8:35 (+1 Day) New York (JFK) -> Paris (CDG) 24.09.2012 21:45 - 13:35 (+1 Day) New York (JFK) -> Paris (CDG) (via Dublin) 24.09.2012 18:00 - 14:30 (+1 Day) Newark (EWR) -> Paris (ORY)(via Lisbon)
Date 30.09.2012 8:20 - 10:30 Paris (CDG) -> New York (JFK) 30.09.2012 14:15 - 19:30 Paris (CDG) -> New York (JFK) (via Dublin) 30.09.2012 6:25 - 8:10 Paris (ORY) -> Newark (EWR) (via Lisbon)


Air France Aer Lingus Iceland Air
Price $1,411.37 $799 $930
Date 24.09.2012 17:25 - 6:05 (+1 Day) Boston (BOS) -> Paris (CDG) 24.09.2012 18:25 - 9:45 (+1 Day) Boston (BOS) -> Paris (CDG) (via Dublin) 24.09.2012 21:30 - 13:00 (+1 Day) Boston (BOS) -> Paris (CDG)(via Reykjavik)
Date 30.09.2012 19:10 - 20:35 Paris (CDG) -> Boston (BOS) 30.09.2012 10:25 - 16:15 Paris (CDG) -> Boston (BOS) (via Dublin) 30.09.2012 14:15 - 18:35 Paris (CDG) -> Boston (EWR) (via Reykjavik)

Los Angeles

Air France Aeroflot Air Berlin
Price $1,561.37 $833 $928
Date 24.09.2012 15:50 - 11:20 (+1 Day) Los Angeles (LAX) -> Paris (CDG) 24.09.2012 16:25 - 20:55 (+1 Day) Los Angeles (LAX) -> Paris (CDG) (via Moscow) 24.09.2012 14:45 - 20:30 (+1 Day) Los Angeles (LAX) -> Paris (ORY) (via Berlin)
Date 30.09.2012 10:30 - 13:05 Paris (CDG) -> Los Angeles (LAX) 30.09.2012 11:25 - 14:45 (+1 Day) Paris (CDG) -> Los Angeles (LAX) (via Moscow) 30.09.2012 21:15 - 12:50 (+1 Day) Paris (ORY) -> Los Angeles (LAX) (via Berlin)

San Francisco

Return flight, $1,465 with Air France.


Return flight at $607 with Air France. Return flight at 211€ with

Outline of local mass transit

The RATP (Régie autonome des transports parisiens) manages the majority of the public transport service of the city of Paris and its suburbs.

Metro services operate between 05:30-01:30 and cover 16 lines.Bus services is extensive and operates from 05:00 to 22:00.

  • 3 days ticket is at 21.60€.

Detailed description of proposed venue

Saturday at the OWF

It's a business center fully equiped, with lots of rooms. We would probably book one whole floor and a time slot on the auditorium.

Sunday Monday

  • Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie ([ website), that's where we are doing many release parties and monthly events. This site will also build a fablab this year. We are really involved in the FOSS movement their, and we would have many rooms for us and one talk room (about 100 seats). We still need to have confirmation about the auditorium access on Sunday (should be ok for Monday).

We would have wired internet access, probably with a Fedora mirror (dunno if needed, but we use it for our release parties).

Description of proposed lodging and estimated costs

Quote asked for 3 nights/30 twins. From the 11th till the 14th of October.

  • (group reservation), got a quote: 100€ for a twins room per night. (30 rooms×3nights+141€(taxes)=9141€). Quote valid until the end of February. The hotel is Hotel Iliade** (in the XVIII).
  •, got a quote: 100€ for a twins per night, for 30 rooms (9000 euros). Could not keep the current quote longer. Should contact them back to have a new one.

New quote if we change to get only 1 day overlap with the OWF (would be then at the Cité des Science, a Huge scientific building). From the 12th to the 14th (3 nights, 30 twins).

Outline of proximate restaurant location

This is Paris, for the love of $ENTITY.

FUDpub Option

The Flam's ([ en). Unlimited "French pizza" around.

Planning Proposal

It appears to be better to have the barcamp at the midle, to have maximum attendance. Surounding would be hackfest.

Budget summary

  • Accomodation (7290€ for 30 twins for 3 nights, could increase to 9200€ if the prefered one becomes full)
  • Fudpub between 15 and 20€, don't have tried yet to have special prices
  • tshirt ~6€ each (one side)
  • booklets?
  • coffee?
  • meals, probably cheap on the Saturday with the OWF (last year it was so great)
  • Venue = free (still have the auditorium to check)
  • public transportation tickets (you could walk or ride, but…).

Pros and Cons of the proposed location


  • The forum will be heavily marketed to the FLOSS population so we can expect a high turnout of Open Source enthusiasts who are curious about Fedora. The FUDCon could be marketed on the same way as the OWF (international)
  • If the 2011 location is kept, we can have a number of small rooms (20 people each ?) which seems in line with what we will need, judging by the attendance of FUDCon Zurich and FUDCon Milan). There will also be a huge talk room (amphiteater).
  • There is the Paris Red Hat Office that could probably could used for some business…
  • We have our Borsalinux-Fr NPO, who could also be used for business (we have far more power than a single guy)
  • There is an old and well implanted French Fedora community. But few had a chance to go to a FUDCon, lots of enthusiast there!
  • This would be a huge event (with OWF), organized with the Paris region development team, which is really nice for the Open Source development.
  • Venues would be FREE of cost.


  • We could not have FUDpub, accomodation and venue very close… Enjoy public transportation! (Night buses are a good experience)
  • Some people will probably assist to OWF talk, we need to have a clear schedule and don't wait for the last 2 days to work.
  • There will be visitors whiling to contribute without being yet a community member, but that's also the goal of the FUDCon.
  • Having Monday Vs Friday could be an issue for some contributors, but it is always hard to have everyone for 3 days.
  • We don't yet have access to the auditorium on the second venue. But we will manage that ASAP.