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[edit] Airport information

See the BTS airport webpage.

[edit] Getting to the centre of Bratislava

The best option is probably to go by public transport: bus #61 starts at the airport and terminates at the main railway staion ("Hlavna stanica"). The journey takes 25 mins, the bus goes every 20 mins (details).

You need to obtain a 30-min ticket before entering the bus at the ticket-vending machines near the bus stop; then you have to stamp it immediately after entering the bus.

Tickets are paid in Euro coins. This may be the first occasion when you need Euros, which makes it a bit more tricky to obtain the tickets. If you have small notes (5 to 20 euros) you can ask someone at the airport for the micro-exchange. For 50 euro notes, you will probably have to buy something at the airport to exchange it.

[edit] Getting to Brno

[edit] By train

Use the web schedule to plan for a suitable train.

At Bratislava, "Hlavna stanica," both euros and credit cards are accepted (though perhaps not at every counter; follow the labels or ask).

Return ticket is EUR 9.9 (valid for 1 month), one-way is EUR 7. (Exceptions are the SuperCity trains and the EuroNight sleep trains.)

There are discounted group tickets: for return ticket, they are available for groups of 2+ people and the discount seems to be (n-1) * EUR 1.30 (obviously, the group has to stay together also on the way back). For one-way tickets, discounts are available for groups of 6+ people.

[SuperCity Pendolino] is a nice modern train; local people feel quite excited when using it (but if you are coming from France, you have no chance to get impressed...).

There is only one SuperCity connection currently: at 5.42 from Bratislava and back from Brno at 20.51. With return ticket, you have to buy a seat reservation for EUR 3 for each direction for which you are going to use the SuperCity train. For one way, you have to buy a ticket for EUR 10.40 instead of the normal one.

[edit] By bus

There are buses by Student Agency, but they are slower and more expensive than train (2 hrs, CZK 220, i.e EUR 9, no discounts for <=26 of age nor ISIC). Reportedly, there is a long term reconstruction on the way from Brno to Slovakia, which adds extra 30 mins (otherwise it would only take around 1 1/2 hrs, I guess).