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Time Room 335 (76) Room 395 (70) Room 149 (67) Room 376 (54) Room 145 (67) Room 345 (120) Room 151 (54)
0900 Speaker pitches and scheduling
1030 Wiki/Docs Dev Shell Java FESCo Rainbow File Systems Spins
1130 QA Kernel stuff in F11 Eclipse svirt comps Moksha(Summary) public speaking
1230 Lunch
1330 RPM vs XO Dracut Push Mirror IPA DocBook Puppet mailing lists
1430 Clouds git RPM scriptlets GPG Func Desktop(Summary) 2nd Arch
1530 Classroom Anaconda Sugar Vision Asterisk / Fedora Talk Lightning Talks KVM Performance tuning
1700 Closing Comments(Alt video)

In addition to videos linked here, you may find videos posted at http://video.linuxfoundation.org and by searching on FUDConF11

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