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Want to help plan FUDCon Toronto 2009 (F12)? Join the fudcon-planning mailing list and come to our weekly meetings, which are at 4pm on Thursdays EST in #fudcon-planning on

We also keep our to-do list online.

this week's agenda

    • Bert Desmet - $250 (3 nights hotel, $100 to help with plane; would like more if possible but we can look at what remains after the NA requests are done)
    • Bernie Innocenti - $200 (4 nights hotel, should make sure he's on the bus)
    • Francois Cami (no funding amt noted)
    • Brennan Ashton (no funding amt noted, but a WPI student so probably coming from Boston; guessing $200 for 4 nights hotel if he takes the FUDBus)
  • user track topics
  • JBoss folks at FUDCon
  • tshirts