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The overall budget from Red Hat for FUDCon:Toronto 2009 is currently $19,000.

  • Fedora Engineering (Paul Frields & Tom Callaway): $4,000 in Q4
  • Community Architecture (Max Spevack): $5,000 in Q3
  • Community Architecture (Max Spevack): $10,000 in Q4


Name of Traveler/Vendor Item Description Q3 CA Q4 CA Q3 FE Q4 FE Comments Done?
Bill Nottingham Airfare 300 Y, was already booked from Tim's budget
Toshio Kuratomi Airfare $307.40 Flying to Boston and bussing. Y
Mike McGrath Airfare $324.70 Y
Stephen Smoogen Airfare $248.90 Flying to Boston and bussing. Y
Seth Vidal Airfare 466 Paid for out of FE Q3 -- does not impact bottom line
Adam Miller Airfare $262.70 Covered by FAmNA sponsorship, flying to Boston and busing. Y
Sebastian Dziallas Airfare 350
Steven Parrish Passport 90
EARMARKED - David Nalley Airfare 450
Ian Weller Airfare $298.90 Paid out of FE Q3
Matthew Daniels Airfare 550
Rex Dieter Airfare 350
Pascal Calarco Rental car 120
Simon Birtwistle Airfare 600
Subtotal 3391.00
Bill Nottingham Lodging 150
Toshio Kuratomi Lodging 150
Mike McGrath Lodging 150
Stephen Smoogen Lodging 150
Seth Vidal Lodging 150
Paul W. Frields Lodging 150 Airfare already bought by FE
Adam Miller Lodging 200 Covered by FAmNA sponsorship!
Mel Chua Lodging 400 Taking bus from BOS
Dave Jones Lodging 200 Taking bus from BOS
Chuck Ebbert Lodging 200 Taking bus from BOS
Luke Macken Lodging 200 Taking bus from BOS
Tom 'spot' Callaway Lodging 200 Taking bus from BOS
John Palmieri Lodging 200 Taking bus from BOS
Mairin Duffy Lodging 200 Taking bus from BOS -- paid by bstevens?
Sebastian Dziallas Lodging 150
Steven Parrish Lodging 150
EARMARKED - David Nalley Lodging 150
Ian Weller Lodging 150
Matthew Daniels Lodging 150
Rex Dieter Lodging 150
EARMARKED - Aaron Seigo Lodging 150
EARMARKED - Simon Birtwistle Lodging 200
Subtotal 1650 2,100
Other costs
Dave and Buster's FUDPub deposit 1,000
Dave and Buster's FUDPub balance 2,550
Local Motion of Boston Bus deposit (tentative) 750 Unsure of requirement/due date, TBD
Local Motion of Boston Bus balance 2,050
(T-shirt vendor) T-shirts for pre-reg 1,000
(Lunch on Saturday) 1,000
(Lunch on Sunday) 1,000
(Lunch on Monday) 1,000
Subtotal 2,750 5,600
TOTAL 6,141 7,050 2,250 15,406