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[edit] Key i18n questions

[edit] Where are you?

[edit] What country are you in?

[edit] What timezone are you in? What timezone do you want your hardware and system clocks set to?

[edit] What is your nationality?

[edit] What language(s) do you read and write in?

[edit] What keyboard layout(s) do you use? How do you switch layouts?

[edit] Pre-Fedora 18 situation

  • Anaconda: hand-weeded names for locales, hand-weeded list of available keyboard layouts, database of relationships between locales and keyboard layouts, system-setup-keyboard applied actual console and X configs based on the selection from anaconda's hand-weeded layout list
  • /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
  • /etc/sysconfig/i18n
  • system-config-language
  • system-config-keyboard
  • system-setup-keyboard
  • GNOME? KDE? Xfce?

[edit] Fedora 18+ situation

  • Anaconda: locale names automatic, keyboard layout list derived from xkb via libxklavier, simple heuristic to try and determine single 'appropriate' keyboard layout for any given locale, anaconda writes out only X keyboard config and relies on systemd to write a console keyboard config
  • /etc/vconsole.conf
  • /etc/locale.conf
  • localectl
  • GNOME? KDE? Xfce?

[edit] Configuration architecture

[edit] Locale

[edit] Timezone

[edit] Keyboard layout

[edit] Areas of concern

[edit] Anaconda welcome screen: "What country are you in?" vs. "What language(s) do you read and write in?"

"Chinese (Simplified)", "Chinese (Traditional)" vs. "Chinese (China)", "Chinese (Taiwan)", "Chinese (Hong Kong)", "Chinese (Singapore)" - [1] , [2] , [3]

[edit] Anaconda welcome screen: "Set keyboard to default layout for selected language.'"

Locales where it is typical to have multiple X keymaps configured: [4]

[edit] Anaconda: loss of pre-F18 knowledge of locale -> keyboard configuration associations

[edit] system-config-keyboard entirely broken in Fedora 18


[edit] systemd / keyboard layouts: conversion xkb<->kbd is bad and creaky, we need xkb layouts on console