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Mairin Duffy, room D
Mairin Duffy, room D
(Mo has gotten a bit of a late start so she's not there yet; she'll be there by lunch time!)
=== GPG/CHASM ===
=== GPG/CHASM ===

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Hackfests and other events may move from time to time. This page is not set up as a table to allow for easier mobility. Locate your session using the table of contents, and keep headings in alphabetical order please.


[edit] Locations

Everything is in the TEL building.

  • Room A - 30 people, projector
  • Room B - 18 people, projector
  • Room C - 8 people, projector
  • Room D - 6 people, no projector
  • Room E - 60+ people, group tables, projector
  • PyGTK - room B, 1 hour
  • Fedora Mini - room A
  • Ruby - room C
  • Usability lab - room D
  • Everything else - room E
  • Zikula - room 4 in the SEQ building

[edit] General sessions

[edit] Fedora Mini, Moblin and other small devices :)

Room 3, 10:30 - 11:15

Peter Robinson will lead a discussion group about Fedora Mini and associated projects such as Moblin, GNOME Mobile, Sugar etc to discuss Fedora on Small devices such as Netbooks, MIDs, XOs. Where it is now, where its going (on your phone?) and how you can help out (like everywhere :-) ).

[edit] Learning sessions

[edit] PyGTK by dummies, for dummies

Room B, 10:30 - 11:15

Paul W. Frields will do a substandard job explaining PyGTK for people who know a bit of Python but have no idea how GUIs work. Beginners will hopefully get a lot of out of this session anyway, and anyone is willing to come join the conversation. We're here to explain, not to confuse!

[edit] Hackfests

[edit] Usability

Mairin Duffy, room D

(Mo has gotten a bit of a late start so she's not there yet; she'll be there by lunch time!)

[edit] GPG/CHASM

Ben Boeckel, room E

[edit] Packaging guidelines

Toshio Kuratomi, room E

[edit] Virtweb

Mike McGrath, room E

[edit] Zikula

Simon Birtwistle, Pascal Calarco, Mel Chua, room 4 and #fudcon-room-4; see Zikula hackfest for details.

[edit] Update Experience

Jon McCann, Christopher Aillon room E

[edit] Python 3

Ian Malcom, room E

[edit] Puppet BOFH

Yaakov Nemoy, room C

[edit] SystemTap

Will Cohen, room E

[edit] Fedora packaging in Eclipse

Elliott and Andrew, room E

[edit] General virt

Cole and Justin, room E

[edit] fuse-mediawiki

Ian Weller, room E

[edit] Pulsecaster

Clint and Paul, room B

[edit] AutoQA

James Laska, room B

[edit] F13 planning

John Poelstra, room E

[edit] GNOME shell

Jon McCann, Colin Walters room E

[edit] Sec arch / EPEL branch

Dennis Gilmore, room E

[edit] Ruby

Jeroen van Meeuwen, room C

[edit] SELinux

Dan Walsh, room E

[edit] Campus Ambassadors

John Rose, room E 2:00PM - 3:30PM (Sunday)

[edit] AMQP/Bus

J5, room E Discussing 10:45-12:30p

[edit] KDE 4 development

jreznik, room A (personal lesson for Toshio;-)

Jaroslav Reznik shows how to write rich multimedia and hardware aware applications and desktop widgets, in the afternoon (ping jreznik for more info and proper time)

[edit] Moksha, Fedora Community, CIVX hacking

lmacken, room E

[edit] (add yours here)

Room __, times