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=== Milan ===
=== Milan ===
''Owner: [[FrancescoCrippa]]''
=== Netherlands ===
=== Netherlands ===

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Please use this page to record any information you have gathered about potential locations for either a FUDCon or FAD.



Owner: User:Ppapadeas

After seeing the vibrant Linux community in Athens, as well as the comparatively inexpensive costs and excellent subway system, MaxSpevack suggested Athens as a potential location for a FUDCon, but needs to follow up with Dimitris to gauge interest.

  • Facilities: There is a good chance we could get space at the National Technical University of Athens. PierrosPapadeas is studying there and can help us with that.
    • A few FOSS conferences were held there (including FossComm in which Fedora was represented), infrastructure is pretty OK (don't know the details yet but since it's a University it should be OK). Network, wifi, sound in main area of 200, projectors are pretty much covered there. There's also a big lobby area.
    • Photos: main room, lobby/cafe, spam, floor.
  • Lodging -- Since it's Athens I'm pretty sure we can find a multitude of hotels close by. The venue is a 10' bus from the heart of Athens, the Parthenon etc. Prices are decent (ticket for bus/metro/etc 80c, day ticket €3).
  • Budget -- Probably quite lower than other European capitals and expensive cities, but possibly a bit higher than others like Brno.
  • Availability: We'll need some concrete dates possible early on to book the venue. The fact that it's weekend will probably make things easier.
  • Other details: Two of the local ambassadors (PierrosPapadeas,KostasAntonakoglou are eagerly willing to help. ( :) ) Local LUG is willing to help out. Probably 30+ hackers will come around to participate/watch/etc, since the community here is quite vibrant.
  • Flights from big airports in central Europe (Munich, Brussels, Zurich) should cost around 200-300 €. For direct flights check Greek Aegean and Olympic Airlines and local airlines (eg. Lufthansa). Easyjet from London 150-200€.


  • GeroldKassube: the price for the cheapest flight (I found today) from Zurich to Athens (both ways) costs approx. CHF 500,- which is about ~ EUR 325,-



Owner: FrancescoCrippa


Owner: JeroenVanMeeuwen

FUDCon would be either in Utrecht or Delft, both a short train ride from Amsterdam's airport. For phase 1, we need information about FUDCon location, potential hotel information, and options for dates of the event.

  • Benefits of this location:
    1. We can throw one, two or three "Free as in Free Beer" parties
    2. New office in Delft, presumably sufficient for about 250 people (dunno about the (conference-)rooms yet though)


Owner: User:Vedranm



Latin America

North America

India & Asia/Pacific

Pune, India

Owner: RahulSundaram