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== Magazine Page ==
== Magazine Page ==
* [[FWN/Magazine| About the magazine]]
* [[FWN/Magazine| About the magazine]]
* [http://fedoramagazine.org/ Link to the Fedora Magazine]
== Join ==
== Join ==

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Fedora Weekly News (Note | The Fedora Weekly News has been supplanted by the Fedora Magazine)

The Fedora Magazine is our new spot where you can read up on Fedora events, Fedora board meeting notes, updates within the Fedora project and Fedora itself.

Contributing roles in the Fedora Magazine

Contributing roles
These are only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limits.

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Content writer

Magazine Page



Meetings are held on Monday at UTC 19:00 in #fedora-meeting. The magazine is part of the marketing team, so the meetings for the magazine are an agenda on the marketing meeting.

Fedora Weekly News Archives