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|[[FWN/Beats/Marketing]]          || Pascal Calarco      || COMPLETE
|[[FWN/Beats/Marketing]]          || Pascal Calarco      || COMPLETE
|[[FWN/Beats/Ambassadors]]        || Jeffrey Tadlock    || incomplete
|[[FWN/Beats/Ambassadors]]        || Jeffrey Tadlock    || COMPLETE
|[[FWN/Beats/Developments]]      || Oisin Feeley        || COMPLETE
|[[FWN/Beats/Developments]]      || Oisin Feeley        || COMPLETE

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Fedora Weekly News: Beats

The weekly news are separated into beats. A beat, derived from newspaper and laboratory usage, is the act of reporting news or research results; or a round or course which is frequently gone over, by a newspaper reporter.

Beats Overview

Beats Sections

These are the pages where the weekly news beats are written. Content here may be derived from bugzilla reports, blog posts and mailing list discussions.

Beat Writer July 27 Status
FWN/Beats/Welcome Pascal Calarco COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/Announcements Max Spevack COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/PlanetFedora Max Spevack COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/Marketing Pascal Calarco COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/Ambassadors Jeffrey Tadlock COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/Developments Oisin Feeley COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/AdvisoryBoard Michael Larabel incomplete
FWN/Beats/Documentation John Babich incomplete
FWN/Beats/Translation Marek Mahut NOT HAPPENING
FWN/Beats/Infrastructure Huzaifa Sidhpurwala NOT HAPPENING
FWN/Beats/Artwork Nicu Buculei COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/DailyPackage Chris Tyler NOT HAPPENING
FWN/Beats/SecurityWeek Josh Bressers NOT HAPPENING
FWN/Beats/SecurityAdvisories David Nalley COMPLETE
FWN/Beats/EventsMeetings NO WRITER NO WRITER
FWN/Beats/AskFedora Rahul Sundaram incomplete


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