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In this section, we cover the Fedora Artwork Project.


Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Easily Customizing the Wallpaper

William Jon McCann forwarded[1] a MSDN blog post[2] about wallpaper customization in Windows 7 and Nicu Buculei observed[3] the similarities with "Wallpapers Extras"[4], a project of the Art Team which lately had little activity. "[T]he plan there is to gather as many as possible images from the larger community and figure out a way to select some which we think are both good and diverse." Nicu was also reminded of an old idea by former Fedora contributor Bryan W Clark: 'background channels'[5].

From here the discussion went to discuss Máirín Duffy's question[6] about the need for gallery software: "Would some gallery software help us out? E.g. we could maybe talk to Fedora Infrastructure about having a gallery install for our usage" and debates about the way to set the wallpapers from inside desktop applications, which Jóhann B. Guðmundsson identified[7] as important and Matthias Clasen as already solved by Firefox[8].

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Media Art for Fedora 11

Clint Savage asked[1] on @fedora-art about one of the last design pieces needed for the Fedora 11 release, CC/DVD labels and sleeves and he quickly followed[2] with an initial design "I've created some initial artwork for the sleeves, but I think it needs some help" which was further improved[3] by Máirín Duffy: "I've moved much of the lion off the design. I also removed a lot of the styles that were there to get this effect" until a final design[4]. In parallel Susmit Shannigrahi tried[5] a version in richer colors, suitable for printing on a smaller scale.

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