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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

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Fedora Design Team at FUDCon

A several members of the Fedora Design Team participated last week at the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) in Zurich, where the team meet for a few tracks: in the first day Máirín Duffy delivered[1] a presentation about creating digital art with GIMP and Inkscape in the main room in front of an interested audience "So I gave my Gimp & Inkscape tutorial session in the afternoon. For the hour that I had I went over by 30 minutes or so, but my very patient audience stuck around (thank you!)", in the second day Máirín organised a Design Team Workshop[2] for the team members to meet and plan the activity and Papadeas Pierros held[3] a workshop about the 'Design Suite' spin "think we managed to reach a consensus on that: Design Suite should focus on the Graphic tools and provide also basic functionality for Audio and Video editing". The third day the team meet again in a BarCamp session about creating 'awesome art stuff'[4], also conducted by Máirín "We kind of left it open-ended, but since Milan from the Spacewalk team needed a hackergotchi and I had just taken some photos of him for it this morning, I offered a run through of making a hackergotchi in the Gimp as a demo we could do, and asked the audience if they had anything they’d be interested in."

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Banners for the Next FUDCon

The Design Team is not only participating to FUDCons, it also help organizing them, Marc Stewart followed[1] a ticket and created a set of banners for the next FUDCon in Tempe "I've made a set of banners by taking the logo from here: and then rearranging elements to fit the various banner shapes." Then, following a reqest by Robyn Bergeron[2], Marc consolidated[3] them to the wiki "I've uploaded them to the wiki, along with archives of the complete collection and of the SVG sources, and created a page that shows/links to them all"[4].

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