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This section contains the discussion happening on the fedora-infrastructure-list

Contributing Writer: Huzaifa Sidhpurwala

svn-to-git mirroring

Jim Meyering said [1] that he would like to set up an svn-to-git mirror for a project on fedorahosted. He set up and maintain [2], it's not open for ssh access to people outside of Red Hat, so it's rather limited.

Change Requests

Due to the impending release of Fedora 11 beta, the infrastructure team is in a change freeze right now. The following change requests were made during the week. 1. [1] Change a piece of code in fas2 which would reduce a particular loop time from 5 mins to 8 seconds. This change was approved and the hotfix was put on the server.

2. [2]Add redirect from /legal/trademarks/guidelines to This change was approved.

3. [3] Make transifex run under transifex user and not apache user. This change was also approved and committed.

4. [4] Change request to update transifex on app1 to the 0.5 version. The change was approved.

5. [5] Remove Fedora8 from the infofeed updates: Somehow fedora8 is still being looked for for the infofeed rss feed on This was approved and changes were made.

6. [6]Use single quotes for the mysql backup cronjob,this has been causing us to get extra cron spam (and stalling mysql updates). Again this change was approved and committed.