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Planet Fedora

This is the Planet Fedora section, covering news from[1], a collection of blogs from Fedora users spanning the globe.

Contributing Writer: Joel Braun


FUDCon India 2011

Praveen Kumar gave an overview[1] of the upcoming FUDCon India event, and information about attending or getting involved in preparations.

Amit Shah wrote a planning/responsibility list for FUDCon India[2], which breaks down who is working on what and further preparations that need to be made.

Suchakra posted some preliminary logo designs[3] for FUDCon India, as well as some promotional artwork.

FUDCon Blacksburg 2012

Ben Williams issued a general request[4] for those willing to hold workshop type sessions, barcamps, or hackfests, stating that he is doing "A lot of brainstorming to make this the best FUDCon ever."

He also announced that the hotel for the event will be the Inn at Virginia Tech[5].


Mohammed Morsi will be presenting a keynote on Aeolus[6], an open source cloud management framework next week at FOSSCON. He will be discussing details of the framework and how it integrates with cloud services.

Fedora Community

Rahul Sundaram detailed the work being done to integrate askbot into Fedora[7] in an article entitled 'The case for Ask Fedora'. He hopes to turn it into a Q & A oriented community to support Fedora users.


Jeff Darcy blogged on [8]the features of CloudFS and how it will work with the upcoming Fedora 16.

The Pulp team has announced the arrival of Pulp release 14[9], which brings numerous enhancements.

Rares Aioanei has published[10] the latest edition of the kernel weekly news, detailing the most recent work being done on the linux kernel.