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This section covers the news surrounding the Fedora Translation (L10n) Project[1].

Contributing Writer: Runa Bhattacharjee

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FLP Infrastructure to Move to Transifex.net

Fedora Project Leader Jared Smith made the official announcement of the migration of the Fedora Translation Infrastructure from Fedora Servers to Transifex.net[1]. The move has been met with a mixed response. Members of the Fedora Infrastructure team have welcomed the move citing that it would provide a more stable system for the FLP. Translators and members of the Fedora Documentation team have both welcomed as well as expressed anguish at the loss of the key infrastructure element from Fedora's self-hosted space. Some members have also expressed that the move could have been postponed until the release of Fedora 15 and alternatives plan to better maintain the current self-hosted system evaluated during that time[2].

The Translation Team coordinators have been requested to create their Fedora Translation teams on transifex.net[3]. Translators would be required to join the teams as members and also re-sign the CLA[4].

Ricky Zhou has highlighted the benefits that Developers (control how and when the translated content can be integrated), System Admins (stability ensured by the main developers of the system) and Translators (stable system with translations held in upstream repository) will be able to enjoy due to the move[5].

Fedora Documentation team member, Ruediger Landmann volunteered to help stabilise the current system[6]. Domingo Becker informed the current status of the upgradation process[7]. However, it has been expressed that since transifex-client would not be used on the Fedora Servers, it runs the risk of not being maintained as a Fedora package either[8].

Hebrew team coordinator Oron Peled put forward some important points that include fully understanding why the Fedora Infrastructure team found it more difficult to maintain the Transifex system. Also he highlights that due to a lack of consumption, interaction about technical issues with the upstream maintainers may reduce and result in a loss for transifex to better stabilize itself as a product[9].

As a response to the suggestions for a future exit plan, Jared Smith informed that it would be re-evaluated if a stable system and software is available that justifies the transition[10]. However, this option would not be explored before the release of Fedora 15[11].

Unlike the transifex versions used on translate.fedoraproject.org until now, the new version used on transifex.net does not commit the translations directly into the devel-repositories of the main package. Instead it holds the translations in a self-hosted repository and developers can pull the translations from this repository into the main devel-repository[12].

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Copyright Information and Comments Deleted from .PO files on transifex.net

Finnish team member Ville-Pekka Vainio informed about a bug in the submission system on transifex.net, due to which the Copyright information and other comments in a submitted .PO file is erased after submission[1]. This bug is being traced on transifex bug tracking system.

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New Members and Teams in FLP

Tian Shixiong [1] and Mahay Alam Khan [2] are the new co-ordinators of the Simplified Chinese and Bengali Teams respectively. Mate Gelei (Hungarian)[3] joined the FLP recently.

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