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Alternative desktop environments as fallback for Gnome 3


There are many people who can't run (or simply don't like) Gnome 3's user interface. While Gnome 3 contains a fallback interface, it has clearly been stated that it won't be developed further and isn't intended to provide any good user experience. These users are many and they will solve their problem by manually installing an alternative desktop environment. In order to help these users and provide a good default user experience to users whose machine is unable to run Gnome Shell, we should make this automatic.

The goal of this feature is to get rid of Gnome 3's fallback interface and use an alternative desktop environment (for example, Xfce) instead of it.


  • Email: venemo (at) msn.com

Current status

Detailed Description

- At installation time, the installer should install both Gnome 3 and Xfce - At runtime, when the user logs in and the 3D acceleration requirements are not met, the user interface should fall back to Xfce instead of Gnome 3's built-in fallback interface

Benefit to Fedora

- Better user experience for users with low-end hardware - Fedora can lower its minimal hardware requirements to the requirements of Xfce


How To Test

User Experience

- Users of low-end hardware will recieve an actively developed and maintained desktop environment instead of a fallback


- gnome-shell - @xfce

Contingency Plan


Release Notes

Comments and Discussion