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Appliance Tools Package

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This page is a draft. I'll announce it officially on the lists when it's finished


The Appliance Tools package


  • Name: huff

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 10
  • Last updated: 08-5-08
  • Percentage of completion: %50

Detailed Description

This package contains tools for building appliance images on Fedora based systems including derived distributions such as RHEL, CentOS and others. The Appliance Creation Tool (ACT) a tool to create Appliance Images from a kickstart file. This tool uses the liveCD creator API as well as patches to the LIVECD API originally written by Daniel P. Berrange <> to create a multi partitioned disk image. This Disk image can then be booted in a virtual container such as XEN, KVM, and VMWARE.

See more info on the project at:

Benefit to Fedora

  • Provides a tools for developers who want to build a fedora based appliance.
  • Will start to form some continuity around what fedora appliances will look like.
  • Provides a tool to generated a preinstalled multi partitioned disk


new package applinace-tools

Test Plan

1. Test on supported platforms in rawhide, kvm. vmware
2. Work with Fedora QA to ensure that we have sufficient coverage

User Experience

1.  appliance-creator -c /usr/share/appliance-tools/aos-f9.ks --cache=/var/tmp/livecd/


  • patches in Livecd-tools
* [PATCH] added get_partitions to
* [PATCH] re-factor imgcreate/ module
* [PATCH] added compat shims in for old api
* [PATCH] switch internal code to use new api

Contingency Plan

  • port all functionality of new api re-factor imgcreate/ module into applinace-tools package


  • Discussion of this project takes places at the mailing list:

Release Notes

  • code:;a=summary

feel free to add a comments......