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Cloudstack is an mature, enterprise-grade, fault tolerant, multi-hyerpvisor, production-ready IaaS platform.


  • Email: david@gnsa.us

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 17
  • Last updated: 2012-01-23
  • Percentage of completion: 60%

Detailed Description

Cloudstack provides a mature Compute and Networking as a service platform for IaaS.

Benefit to Fedora

More cloud choices in Fedora. Cloudstack brings multi-tenant, high availability (fault tolerance really), complex networking, multi-hypervisor awesomeness to Fedora.


There is currently only a single unpackaged dependency for CloudStack, albeit that dependency has a few unpackaged BRs. But in short the task list is to get ehcache packaged and installed, and following that to get CloudStack itself reviewed and into Fedora.

How To Test

Provision a cloud - run virtual machines on it.

User Experience

This will provide users the ability to provision an IaaS cloud using Fedora.


See dependencies

Contingency Plan

We'll push to F18. No further plan needed.


Release Notes

  • Cloudstack, an IaaS cloud platform is available in Fedora.

Comments and Discussion