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* Do not afraid to tell me what you think.
* Do not afraid to tell me what you think.

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[edit] Disk Manager

[edit] Feature Review

[edit] Summary

Disk Manager is app which sits in tray near the clock and announces when new partition detected. Features managing partitions, mounting and unmounting, enabling write support for ntfs (ntfs-3g required) etc .

[edit] Owner

  • JakubRusinek (packaging)

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: N/A
  • Last updated:
  • Percentage of completion: 25%

[edit] Detailed description

Users, especially newbies, do not like terminal, and digging into configuration files. Many of them are using Windows in dual-boot and wish to have access to their files without special knowledge.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

Fedora is now easy, but some questions, like ntfs write support require digging into terminal. Letting user to not use terminal is good. It's mostly usability improvement.

[edit] Scope

Requires approving package and putting into LiveCD and DVD in autostart.

[edit] Test plan

  • Create LiveCD with disk-manager and test if it really works and makes life easier.

[edit] User experience

[edit] Dependencies

ntfs-3g on the same ISO (done already).

[edit] Contingency plan

  • Leave ISO untouched and tell users to install disk-manager when ntfs write support is needed.

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Release notes

[edit] Comments

  • Do not afraid to tell me what you think.