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== Owner ==
== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:overholt| Andrew overholt]]
* Name: [[User:overholt| Andrew Overholt]]
* email: <overholt at redhat>
* email: <overholt at redhat>

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[edit] Feature Name

Fedora tools for use within the Eclipse IDE

[edit] Summary

Integration between our specfile editor, rpmlint, Fedora CVS, koji, and bodhi.

[edit] Owner

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: ?
  • Last updated: 2009-01-11
  • Percentage of completion: 20%

[edit] Detailed Description

We have written a few Eclipse plugins to integrate the Eclipse IDE with the Fedora infrastructure. Combine this work with the existing RPM specfile editor (Fedora package: eclipse-rpm-editor) which includes rpmlint integration and we have a way for IDE users to easily become Fedora contributors ... and for Fedora contributors to become IDE users.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

This functionality will enhance our development environment, enabling developers who are familiar with integrated development environments to more easily become Fedora packaging contributors. It will also allow us to have a second, non-command line method of the Fedora packaging process.

[edit] Scope

We will need to figure out how to robustly test the plugins in a live or pseudo-live environment. Easymock could perhaps allow us to mock up server response objects to use for testing. Assuming the APIs for koji and bodhi remain consistent, we should be okay.

[edit] How To Test


[edit] User Experience

FIXME (also add links to screenshots and screencasts)

[edit] Dependencies

org.apache.commons.ssl and org.json Eclipse plugins (OSGi bundles)

[edit] Contingency Plan

Continue without such functionality in the distro.

[edit] Documentation


[edit] Release Notes

FIXME (nothing really needed)

[edit] Comments and Discussion