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Fingerprint Readers


The goal of the project is making fingerprint readers as easy as possible to use for secondary authentication.

See the use cases in the whiteboard.


Current status

  • Targeted release:
  • Last updated: 2008-11-27
  • Percentage of completion: 80% (some code available)

libusb1, and the required libfprint are available in rawhide (F-11). The authconfig patch to enable pam_fprintd

fprintd is being reviewed. It includes a pam plugin to not require a password for login. The authconfig patch to add fingerprint reader authentication is also in rawhide.

Enrollment support is being added to gnome-about-me.

Detailed Description

Currently, using Fingerprint readers is a bit of a pain, and installing/using fprint and its pam module take more time than should ever be necessary.

Benefit to Fedora

Better Out-of-the-box experience for systems with fingerprint readers.


Better integration would mean

  • Having a D-Bus service for handling reading/using the fingerprint reader.
  • The PAM module uses the VerifyStart method provided over D-Bus to authenticate users, and will be added to the default configuration.
  • gnome-about-me would use the EnrollStart method to write a new fingerprint data file for the specified user.
  • gnome-screensaver would be able to use finger scans to unlock the desktop
  • Any other dialog presented to the user for authentication would be able to use finger scans
  • The create-user dialog in firstboot or its replacement could offer to enroll the new user

Test Plan

  • Person installs a laptop/desktop system with a fingerprint-reader that's supported by fprint
  • Person sets their fingerprint in gnome-about-me
  • Person can log in using their fingerprint



Contingency Plan

Not installing the packages by default.

Release Notes


Comments and Discussion

See Talk:Features/Fingerprint