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== Current status ==
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/19]]
* Targeted release: [[Releases/19]]
* Last updated: 2013-01-22
* Last updated: 2013-05-14
* Percentage of completion: 100%
* Percentage of completion: 100%

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[edit] GLIBC 2.17

[edit] Summary

Switch GLIBC in Fedora 19 to GLIBC version 2.17

[edit] Owner

  • Name: Jeff Law
  • Email: law@redhat.com

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: Releases/19
  • Last updated: 2013-05-14
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

[edit] Detailed Description

GLIBC 2.17 was released at the end of 2012; we have been closely tracking the GLIBC 2.17 development code in Fedora Rawhide and addressing any issues as they arise. The proposed mass-rebuild with GCC 4.8 in February should also shake out any remaining problems with GLIBC's header files.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

See http://sourceware.org/ml/libc-announce/2012/msg00001.html for the list of changes.

[edit] Scope

All packages should be rebuilt with the new gcc once the new gcc hits f19. This will identify any remaining header file problems or interactions between GCC and GLIBC.

[edit] How To Test

GLIBC has its own testsuite, which is run during the package build, plus many other packages with automated tests also help to test the new GLIBC.

[edit] User Experience

Users will see improved performance, many bugfixes and improvements to POSIX compliance, additional locales, etc.

[edit] Dependencies

All packages need to be rebuilt, this can occur as part of the mass rebuild for GCC 4.8 schedule for February.

[edit] Contingency Plan

Given that Rawhide has been closely tracking GLIBC 2.17, no show-stopper problems are expected. In the unlikely event a major problem were discovered, we could fall back to the older GLIBC from Fedora 18.

[edit] Documentation


[edit] Release Notes

Fedora 19 comes with GLIBC 2.17, see http://sourceware.org/ml/libc-announce/2012/msg00001.html for significant changes appearing in GLIBC 2.17.

[edit] Comments and Discussion