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GNOME IBus Integration


The goal is to integrate ibus into gnome-shell and a gnome-shell indicator provides both keyboard and input method menu. This feature involves GNOME3 desktop.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: 2012-07-06
  • Percentage of completion: 40%

Detailed Description

The ibus UI for gnome-shell has been provided as ibus-gnome3 package since Fedora 16 and now is the time to integrate the ibus UI into gnome-shell.

Benefit to Fedora

Currently ibus-gnome3 package is not enabled by default and users need to enable the ibus indicator by manual in Fedora 17. When the ibus integration is done in gnome-shell, the ibus indicator will be available without users' operation.


gnome-shell provides the ibus menu by default. ibus does not run ibus panel on gnome-shell. gnome-control-center provides ibus configuration. gnome-settings-daemon launches ibus-daemon and switches engines.

How To Test

Enable IBus with im-chooser. Launch gnome-control-center and set trigger keys and input methods and switch engines.

User Experience

gnome-shell shows ibus indicator is available by default. gnome-control-center shows ibus configurations by default.


gnome-shell depends on ibus
gnome-control-center depends on ibus
ibus-setup won't be accessible from GUI in gnome-shell.

Q: so can you clarify in our feature page, what features are approved/agreed to include in 3.6 and what features are proposed but not yet approved/agreed?
A: Currently approved patches are gnome-shell and switching engines by g-s-d. Running ibus-daemon and g-c-c is under the review.

Q: which features of the above contains ibus-setup replacement say?
A: g-c-c.

Need to resolve some problems.

  1. When gnome-settings-daemon is implemented to run ibus-daemon
    • if imsettings disables to run ibus-daemon
    • im-chooser can be run by users
    • if any UIs provide the option to disable ibus-daemon
    • if ibus-daemon runs on any locales
    • if ibus-daemon runs without ibus engines
    • if imsettings needs to be run to export QT_IM_MODULE and XMODIFIERS

Contingency Plan

ibus panel is back and enables ibus-daemon does not connect to gnome-settings-daemon.


ibus-xkb is also integrated for non-GNOME desktop newly. ibus-xkb provides preloaded engines, all XKB layout, variant ibus engines, frequently used input method list on ibus-setup, customizable trigger key on ibus-setup.

Release Notes

  • IBus menu is now available on GNOME3 desktop if IBus is enabled.

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