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Global Menu


Provide a choice for using a global menu in GNOME. This is a minor step toward a Document Centric GNOME, which is the default desktop environment of Fedora. The major competititors (Windows and OSX) has already moved and is moving toward document centric environments.

As 'The Fedora Project is out front for you, leading the advancement of free, open software and content.', we should catch up the trend before we are left behind by propriate softwares again, if it is possible.

Below is a screenshot of a Fedora 8 Default theme with global menu enabled. Features GlobalMenu Screenshot.png


  • Name: YuFeng

Current status

  • Targeted release:
  • Last updated: March, 4th, 2008
  • Percentage of completion: 50%

Detailed Description

Provide a choice for using a global menu in GNOME. The project already exists, and already works. RPMs are built, but few Fedora people knows this, comparing to the number of Ubuntu people.

This is the screenshot of the wasted top panel in a default Fedora Setup. Top Panel is the easiest place for users to find out. Features GlobalMenu WastedTopPanel.png

One way to make use of the top panel is to use Global Menu.

Benefit to Fedora

It's just nice. Having every application's menu bar in the same position is more efficient.

Some people will argue that it is a OSX or MAC cloning. Some people will used it for cloning OSX. However With Fedora's default theme, a Global Menu also looks neat.


A variation of GTK is needed, to provide compatibility of non-global menu applications. Or an alternative is to patch every gnome application to build with GnomenuMenuBar (global menu bar) instead of GtkMenuBar.

Test Plan

User Experience

Users can choose to use Global Menu or In-window Menu. If they choose to use Global Menu, application's menu bar will show up in the top panel. If they choose to use In-Window Menu, menu bar will show up in applications.


gtk2-aqd; libgnomenu; gnome-globalmenu-applet

Contingency Plan

Don't accept it.


Release Notes


  • MatthiasClasen: I stand by the comments that I made in the review request: it is simply not going to happen that we will ship a 'variation of GTK+' or 'patch every gnome application'. If you want to make any progress on this, it has to happen upstream in Gnome. For that, I refer to Owens comments from the upstream bug ( ):
  • this is an unlikely change
  • larger screens make this less attractive
  • needs a coherent plan with project-wide buy-in
  • it would be more interesting if the OS X platform integration was tackled first
  • YuFeng: You are right. Besides I am not trying to show irrespect to your comments about the bug entry. Anyway this is a proposal and nothing more. Besides most discussion on that link is toward AqD's mac-menu hack instead of Global Menu Project. As for pushing it into GNOME, you know, I am not a member of GNOME devel, and it is always unlikely for foreigners' work to be merged into mainstream, if the work touches too much.
  • This is an unlikely change so far by NOW. But nothing is stagnant.
  • A Document Centric GNOME is always attractive. No matter what size of screen you have.
  • What do you mean by a coherent plan with project-wide buy-in?
  • Why do you try to related this to OSX at all? It is a GNOME thing, a GTK Widget on GNU/Linux, and it even don't port to platforms other than X11 yet. Also it is intended to improve GNOME and Fedora instead of to improve OSX.
  • JakubRusinek: I've tested RPM provided in there and they do not work and keep gnome-panel freezing at startup. Build newer or do something. Providing things which can only break everything is useful...
  • JakubRusinek: Ok, I've got applet running, but it doesn't display the menu. Only app's name...
  • YuFeng: I believe the project 'Issues' page ( ) is a better place to talk about usage issues.