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== Documentation ==
== Documentation ==
* Documentation is part of source codes, will be generated and published upstream.
* Documentation is part of source codes (Doxygen) and can be found at http://api.kde.org/.
* '''FIXME''': add link to upstream source
* [http://api.kde.org/kdesupport-api/kdesupport-apidocs/polkit-qt-1/html/ PolkitQt-1 API docs]
== Release Notes ==
== Release Notes ==

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KDE - PolicyKitOneQt Support


This feature aims on PolicyKit One support for Qt/KDE applications and KDE desktop. That means new polkit-1-qt library, KAuth PK-1 backend and KDE Authentication Agent with Policy Kit one tools.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 13
  • Last updated: 2010-01-04
  • Percentage of completion: 85%

Detailed status

Detailed Description

One of Fedora 12 Feature was Policy Kit One. It became part of Fedora and deprecated old Policy Kit. We need proper support in Qt and KDE applications. We'd like to offer Qt like API (instead pure DBUS interface and GLib library) to access PolicyKit One features. KDE 4.4 feature is new authorization system KAuth. To support it, we need Policy Kit One backend. In Fedora 12 KDE Desktop Edition uses Gnome Authentication Agent. We need native KDE authentication agent. This feature is supposed to become part of new KDE release (4.4) and it would help wide adoption of PolicyKit One along KDE distributions.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora now uses Policy Kit One as default authentication mechanism. But KDE supports only old Policy Kit, already depracated in Fedora, by now. With Policy Kit One support Fedora KDE users/developers can use it in own Qt/KDE applications with nicer Qt API. Authentication Agent dialog would match rest of desktop environment (Gnome one would be replaced). KDE upstream would benefit from this feature too - means better adoption of this Fedora in-house project.


Polkit-1-qt has to be finished and released. Based on this library KDE Authentication Agent could be prepared and new KDE authentication system can be ported to use it.

It affects only KDE desktop environment.

How To Test


There's an example application shipped with this library. It's also covered by automatical tests. As it's uses as backend for KAuth, test KAuth based applications - mostly system settings modules.

  1. run systemsettings
  2. try to change date/time

KDE Authentication Agent

To test agent you have to execute PolicyKit action which requires authentication for eg. polkit-qt-1 example application. KDE looking dialog should be invoked (instead Gnome one). It should correctly authenticate as proper user. Action description should fit requested action.

User Experience

  • KDE users get authentication agent dialog that matches theirs environment.
  • Working systemsettings modules which needs root privileges.


Provides KAuth backend for kdelibs that are under KDE SIG control.

Contingency Plan

As we don't ship polkit-qt in F12 (as we don't have PK1 support) nothing happens but it's going to block KDE 4.4. So this is MUST HAVE feature.


Release Notes

  • This release of Fedora KDE Desktop Edition brings native Qt/KDE support for PolicyKit 1. It consists of PolkitQt-1 libraries, the KAuth backend for PolicyKit 1 (the new KDE Platform authorization framework) and native KDE Authentication Agent. As extension you can find unique System Settings configuration module for PolicyKit 1.

Comments and Discussion