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PolicyKit One Qt/KDE detailed status


  • policykit-qt-1
  • KAuth backend
  • KDE Authentication Agent
  • KDE PolicyKit 1 tools


Detailed status

Everything is implemented in the repository. Now it needs a lot of testing and fixing.


  • parallel installation of old and new one library DONE
  • cleanup DONE
  • check documentation DONE
  • pre-release IN PROGRESS
  • review (drf_)

KAuth backend

Depends on policykit-qt-1 PolkitQt support. Current work is done in this repo. There is also a patch (kauth-polkit-1.patch) to the kdecore library in kdelibs which adds kauth polkit-qt-1 backend.

KDE Authentication Agent

It has now all the features as the GNOME one, but also needs to be tested properly.

Repository: [1]

KDE PolicyKit 1 tools

TBD, not planned for now