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[edit] Mobile Profiles

[edit] Summary

To have a easy way to sync /home directories (profiles) with other computers, running the same or similar linux distrubions.

[edit] Owner

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[edit] Current status

[edit] Detailed Description

Betty and Gord have two desktops and one laptop. None of which are on all the time, no have internet access all the time. They need a method of sync'ing their logins between the three computers. That way they can log into any of the three computers and have all their bookmarks, high scores and documents intact. The sync should not only take care of the files in the /home/<username> directory but also look for needed software. ie: if pidgin is running and active on computer A and pidgin isn't installed on computer B an alert should show up asking if the users wants to install the software.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

Better user experience.

[edit] Scope

Requires rebasing to the latest upstream version and updating the spec file to pull in the snozboz patches.

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[edit] Dependencies

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