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Feature Process

Individual features are tracked on separate wiki pages in the Features/ namespace. Individual features are organized using categories.

Features Policy feature-process-flow.png Source: File:Features Policy feature-process-flow.odg

  1. New feature ideas may be added at any time to the wiki
    • Features/FeatureName (CategoryProposedFeature)
  2. New feature desired for a particular release are designated as such
    • Features/FeatureName (CategoryProposedFedoraX)
  3. Proposed feature is presented to FESCo for acceptance
    1. Accepted features move to CategoryAcceptedFedoraX
    2. Denied features remain in CategoryProposedFedoraX for rework or future resubmission
    3. After Feature Freeze all features in CategoryProposedFedoraX move to CategoryProposedFeature where they can be proposed for the next Fedora release.
  4. Periodic status
  5. Important milestones
Where FedoraX is the current Fedora release under development. For example, Fedora 8.
While allowed by the wiki, a feature should only be assigned to one category.