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Periodic Status

  1. Feature pages should be updated to reflect the current status of the feature by the following milestones on the Release Engineering schedule:
    • Alpha Freeze --features not 100% complete at alpha should be updated no less than every two weeks
    • Beta Freeze
  2. One week prior to Beta Freeze all features will evaluated based on test results to date
  3. At Beta Freeze all feature pages should be at 100% completion, and if necessary, the feature page adjusted to reflect everything completed (so as to reflect 100% completion).
  4. Feature Wrangler will send individual reminders and announcements to fedora-devel-announce list as necessary
  5. A summary status for all the features targeted to a particular release will be collected on a summary page which references and briefly explains the feature.
  6. Reminders to developers about upcoming feature deadlines will be sent to fedora-devel-announce@redhat.com
  7. Nag mail to developers with delinquent feature page updates will be emailed privately and shamed in a nice way on fedora-devel-list@redhat.com