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Rakudo Perl 6


Rakudo is an implementation of the Perl 6 specification for the Parrot virtual machine, currently in development.


  • email: <>

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 12
  • Last updated: 2009-07-21
  • Percentage of completion: 25%

Detailed Description

Perl 6 is a major revision to the Perl programming language, which introduces elements of many modern and historical languages. There are currently multiple implementation projects of Perl 6 underway, the most active developed one is Rakudo, which is based on the Parrot virtual machine.

Benefit to Fedora

By offering Perl 6 at the current state Fedora once again proves to be the driving force of innovation. Rakudo will enable developers to write new applications or port existing ones to Perl 6.


Package reviews

How To Test

  • Test that rakudo builds on the parrot RPMs provided in Fedora.
  • Use the test suite included in Rakudo to verify that it actually works:
    • make test will run a suite of tests, designed to make sure that the Rakudo compiler is basically working and that it's capable of running a simple test harness.
    • make spectest will import relevant portions of the official Perl 6 test suite from the Pugs repository and run all of the tests that are currently known to pass.

User Experience

Rakudo will give developers the possibility to port their programs to the Perl 6 specification. Although Perl 6 is still in development and no official release date has been set, the specification is feature complete and mature. Rakudo has released 17 stable releases so far.


(Note that parrot is a build dependency and not required at runtime.)

Contingency Plan

Drop the rakudo package from Fedora 12.


Release Notes

  • This release of Fedora comes with Rakudo Perl, an implementation of the Perl 6 specification based on the Parrot virtual machine, which enables developers to write new applications or port existing ones to Perl 6. To install rakudo, use the Add/Remove Software tool or run:
su -c 'yum install rakudo'

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