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Working Group Self-Nominations

To volunteer to serve on one of the new Fedora working groups, simply add yourself to the appropriate section below, along with a brief description of your current involvement with Fedora and plans for participation in this group.

Fedora Workstation Working Group

  • Matthias Clasen - Desktop team lead, Provenpackager, GNOME release team. I want to act as liaison with GNOME and ensure that we come up with plan that is credible, effective and achievable, working together with various upstreams.
  • Elad Alfassa - Fedora packager, sometimes designer, fixes trivial bugs and packages GNOME stuff. I want to help however I can to make Fedora Workstation/Desktop as awesome as possible.
  • Owen Taylor - Red Hat Desktop/Interactive Experience Architect, long-time GNOME contributor. I want to make sure that Fedora Workstation product is solid from the ground up, has a clear design target that is compelling to a wide range of Fedora users, and will meet the needs of downstream distributions like RHEL as well.
  • Adel Gadllah - Upstream GNOME contributor and Fedora (proven)packer - Ensure that the workstation product provides a well designed, modern experience that is usable for both content consumers as well as content creators.
  • Kalev Lember - Fedora GNOME packaging, provenpackager, packager sponsor -- I would like to participate in the initial working group to make sure we get a competitive product -- released on a predictable 6 month schedule, usable for both home users and developers

Fedora Server Working Group

  • Stephen Gallagher - Red Hat Server Experience Architect, former SSSD lead developer and FreeIPA team member. I will be attempting to represent the future needs of Red Hat customers with Fedora Server. I will also be working closely with several "manageability" initiatives do make run-time (re)configuration simpler.

Fedora Cloud Working Group

Base Design Working Group

  • Dennis Gilmore - Fedora Release Engineer, Packager, Secondary Arch Lead. I want to make sure we can deliver everything and enable everything to work

Environments & Software Stacks Working Group