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This page is under construction. Braden Faulkner, M Yakub Mizan, Aditya Patawari, Hisham Abdel-Magid are working on it.

This page contains various Fedora presentations made by people in the Fedora project. You can see older presentations at Archived Presentations

The Community Architecture project has produced some standard slide sets.

General Overview

Globalization & Migration

Fedora Applications

Past Presentations

Templates (if you want to organize a fedora event)

General Overview

Fedora 11

Previous Releases

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Title Creator Language Description Fedora Release
What is Fedora (also in PDF) Paul W. Frields English A presentation to FOSSMeet NITC on 28-FEB-2009. F10
Introduction to Fedora David Nalley English Introduction to Fedora emphasis on 4Fs (12-SEP-2008) F9
Fedora Overview For familiarising people with Fedora and to let them know the possible avenues. Presentaed at TechTrix'08. F8
All About Fedora (GITEX Edition) John Babich English Presented at GITEX, Dubai, UAE, in 2007. Based on Greg's FUDCon Delhi presentation, updated for Fedora 7 and slightly extended. The emphasis: Why contribute -- not just to Fedora, but to open source in general? Focused on the open-minded, non-FOSS ICT audience. F7
Welcome to the Fedora Project Susmit Shannigrahi A brief overview of Fedora and Fedora Project. Main emphasis on Why join Fedora and areas where one can get involved. FC6

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Globalization & Migration


  • Development in the areas of l10n, Ankit Patel . Presented at FUDCon Delhi 2006. To promote the developers to do development in the areas of l10n.
  • L10n from a Developer's perspective, Ramakrishna Reddy . Presented at FUDCon Delhi 2006. Helping users to understand the localisation technologies and jargons floating around like IIMF, SCIM, Keymaps etc. Objective is to get the developers aware how easy to develop multi language applications in Linux using the localization technologies available out of the box.
  • Fedora I18n project, Jens Petersen . Presented at the Fedora Miniconf at 2008, Melbourne, Australia. An overview of recent i18n developments in Fedora during and after the F8 cycle.


  • Unix to Fedora Linux in English, Frederic Hornain - (PDF)

Fedora Applications




Fedora Desktop

  • (feel free to contribute)

UTOSC 2008

SCaLE 7x

In my presentation, I use a repository synchronization script, it's very basic, but will build everything needed for the demo and make it easy to use to build a live or install image.

Felton LUG 04-APR-2009

FLISoL 2009 Chihuahua

FLiSoL 2009 Mexico, DF

SELF 2009


  • (feel free to contribute)

Infrastructure & SIGs



General Templates

Following templates are contributed by Fedora Ambassadors.

Please note, there will be a built-in Fedora Presentation Template in 2.0 Impress in FC5