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This page is for keeping track of press regarding the Fedora 12 release. Please contribute!

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Date Article Location Author Language Notes
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 released Digg Parakro English Digg me please :D
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Officially Released Marius Nestor English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Download lifehacker Kevin Purdy English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 boasts enhanced performance, improved reporting, better graphics Vincent Danen English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Released slashdot adamw English
2009-11-17 Top 10 reasons to try F12-Moblin Moblin Zone Henry Kingman English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Released The H Open Source dwjm English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Unites Latest Features and Usability Into Compelling Free Distribution Red Hat English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 kombiniert neue Features mit hoher Benutzerfreundlichkeit Pr Com Deutsch identical articles: [1]
2009-11-17 Die Neuerungen von Fedora 12 Heise Open Source Thorsten Leemhuis Deutsch
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 freigegeben pro-linux hjb Deutsch
2009-11-17 Test: Viel Virtuelles in Fedora 12 alias Constantine IT news fur Profis Deutsch
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 ist da Deutsch
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 ist fertig Björn Greif Deutsch
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 alias Constantine ist da (Galerie) Linux Magazin Deutsch
2009-11-17 Tip of the hat: Fedora 12 a strong update ars technica Ryan Paul English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Takes Aim at Linux Networking Sean Michael Kerner English
2009-11-17 Interview: Fedora Mini maintainer Peter Robinson Moblin Zone Henry Kingman English also on slashdot
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 released, brings multi-touch support, more Justin Mann English
2009-11-17 Mint 8 achieves RC1, and Fedora 12 goes final Eric Brown English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 debuts after Halloween slippage Channel Register Timothy Prickett Morgan English
2009-11-17 Building On-Ramps on the Fedora 12 Highway Datamation Bruce Byfield English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 'Constantine' has been released Rynard Moore English
2009-11-17 Distribution Release: Fedora 12 Distrowatch Distrowatch editors English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Released OS News Thom Holwerda English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Released Linux Today adamw English
2009-11-17 Fedora 12 Released Paul Frields English
2009-11-18 Fedora 12 'Constanting' launches with enhanced video codec and power management engadget Ross Miller English
2009-11-18 Fedora 12 is released The Inquirer Ed Berridge English
2009-11-18 Fedora Linux 12 arrives, ups multimedia support TechWorld Rodney Gedda English
2009-11-18 Fedora, Still Pushing The Envelope Linux Magazine Christopher Smart English
2009-11-18 Fedora 12 rolls out impressive features Alastair Otter English
2009-11-19 Fedora 12 - it's a horse, not a camel The Register Scott Gilbertson English
2009-11-19 Fedora 12 to remove unprivileged package installation Paul Frields English
2009-11-19 Users howl as Fedora 12 gives root to unwashed masses The Register Dan Goodin English
2009-11-20 Saving the "Best" for Last - Fedora 12 (Constantine) ZDNet blogs J.A. Watson English
2009-11-20 Fedora 12 updates package installation policy Sean Michael Kerner English
2009-11-22 Fedora 12 será presentado el 3 de diciembre en Nicaragua El Nuevo Diario Victor Ayala Spanish Posted by Neville A. Cross
2009-08-26 Fedora 12 disponible en alpha, la version finale attendue en novembre 01net Stéphane Long Français
2009-08-26 Linux : une première alpha pour Fedora 12 clubic Alexandre Laurent Français
2009-08-26 Fedora 12 "Constantine" Alpha disponible linuxfr moixs Français
2009-08-26 Fedora 12 : la première alpha fait le plein de nouveautés PC Inpact Vincent Hermann Français
2009-08-26 Linux : la Fedora 12 se dévoile David Feugey Français
2009-08-26 Et une alpha pour Fedora 12 Français