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Location and Dates

  • Ames, Iowa - May 21-23, 2010

Proposed Accomodations

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Wedding Season
Rooms are reserved in blocks for weddings currently. These need to be confirmed around April 20. I'll check on availability then and reserve what we need or make other arrangements at that time.
inode0 will be previewing this on April 16 to confirm value and assuming it is still as great as it used to be will reserve seats for us on May 21.

Responsible Ambassadors


# FAS Name &
Full Name
Hotel Friday's
Arrival Departure Est. Travel $$
excl Hotel
1 John Rose no yes
2 Larry Cafiero yes yes $284 taking the train/bus (SF-Osceola-Ames or SF-Omaha-Ames); could possibly meet driver in Omaha or even Chicago to help drive
3 MaxSpevack yes yes
5 Ivan Makfinsky yes yes Sunday, 5pm, Des Moines $100 I second the sleeping where stabbing won't happen - see below. Have reserved a rental car for carpooling.
6 Justin O'Brien possibly hopefully $301 nonstop coming from Indiana would need financial assistance, is willing to sleep anywhere that won't get him stabbed by hobos
7 David Nalley yes yes coming from SC
8 Clint Savage yes unlikely Friday Late Sunday Late $350 (flight, car) coming from SLC, would like $$ if possible
9 Robyn Bergeron yes yes ~$350 (flight) coming from AZ, would love to discuss what marketing can do for ambassadors as a topic


Add work items here that we should cover (we will formalize a schedule once we have a good foundation in place). Regardless of location and dates please contribute to the proposed work product of our next Fedora Ambassador Day by adding topics important to you below.

Deliverable Description Owner(s)
List of Ambassador marketing materials needs to give to marketing to produce, prioritized. Cover deliverables and ideas including: Marketing Flyer and how it can be updated; Generic slide deck template for presentations / events, Slide deck with talking points for each cycle, Laptop show, enhance generic Talking Points, rewrite elevator pitch. Discuss whether existing materials that marketing produces are useful for Ambassadors. Lots of other ideas welcome. Not sure yet on time needed. Robyn Bergeron
SOP / Process for handing off Marketing information to Ambassadors each cycle. What is the best / most effective way for Marketing to disseminate Talking Points, etc. to Ambassadors each cycle? How can we be more helpful? Work more with FAMSCo, have 2x per cycle joint meetings, other ideas? No more than one hour needed. Robyn Bergeron
Discuss mentoring in North America It seems even with the amount of ambassador mentors that manatees (aka mentorees) who initiate the mentoring process do not complete the tasks in front of them. Perception? or Process? What is the issue here, and how do we fix it? Clint Savage inode0
I did it! -- An application that recognizes contributors/contributions and awards karma or something The name is exactly what we want to encourage, contribution. The value add here is to enable ambassadors with tasks that can be completed and tracked simply by updating a wiki or going to an event. The karma earned over time helps track activity and encourages more ambassadors to get involved. Note: This is still a very basic idea and needs tons of hashing out. Clint Savage
Swag Procurement and Distribution With a couple of years under our belts doing this it is time to take a look at it from a different perspective (hindsight). Goal: Improve processes, eliminate Max (meant only in a really friendly way), keep stock, know who has stock, etc. inode0
Growth of Regional Leadership I'm really keen to involve more people in several key areas to keep the ship moving. We have always encouraged the growth of swag producers but not so much in the distribution chain or the regional leadership itself. When is it time for new regional leadership? Is that construct still even useful? Goal: Leave with a reason to not think that if herlo, lcafiero, and ke4qqq went away we would collapse. Or put another way, leave with a plan to engage more ambassadors in the leadership process and in all other areas of FAmNA. inode0
Budget While budget "authority" has been shifting from the direction of FAmSCo in the direction of regional leadership there are some practical problems that remain. Goal: Develop a more clearly defined budget process allowing regional leaders to make meaningful budget decisions and be responsible for FAmNA spending Fedora resources in an accountable fashion. inode0

Meeting Minutes

Session Logs:



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Initial blue-sky estimate is to set aside $2k for this event from CommArch, and see how far that can get us in terms of travel sponsorships, etc.