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Welcome to the Fedora Ambassadors North America (FAMNA) page. We're working hard to make this page our central point for all North American Ambassadors. If you are interested in further participating in the Fedora project as an ambassador, we'd love to have you on board.


FAmNA - The Fedora Ambassadors of North America is a collection of folks who want to share the Fedora message with others in their area, at events and in general.

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FAmNA will happily provide you, the ambassador with resources to share Fedora with people in your area. You do have to make a request though, so that we can make sure all the requirements are met. FAmNA provides several items that can be handed out, these include:

  • Live/Install Media
  • T-shirts
  • Stickers, Buttons, Tattoos, etc.

Generally, when an ambassadors is doing ad-hoc events, it is best to get an Ambassador Kit

FAMNA Meetings

North American ambassadors meet on, #fedora-meeting, every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern US time. See previous/upcoming Meetings.

The task list has been moved to its own page due to its size and continued updates.

FAMNA Growth Plan

We also have a Ambassador Growth Plan (we call it the world domination plan) with quantifiable goals. Feel free to peruse this as well. Currently, we're building a list of regional North American ambassadors. If you interested in helping us, feel free to add your name.