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== Documentation ==
== Documentation ==
=== Research ===
* [[MyFedora/Research/PackageMaintainerProcesses]] - irc log from #fedora-devel with explanation of the package maintenance process and package maintainer suggestions for My Fedora
=== Design ===
=== Design ===

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Description is a project to integrate all of the Fedora infrastructure in one place. The goal is to create a modular web page in which each module would pull views from the various Fedora resources and display them to the user. It is a first step in implementing the goals laid out in this paper . At first the web site would be geared towards Fedora development but could also handle upstream development resources and user community start pages.






  • Plugins - describes the internal plugin structure for hooking into MyFedora internals
  • Widgets - describes the widget infrastructure for plugging in external applications on the portal page (No Content Yet)
  • Sitemaps - give a high-level overview of how various pages/functionality within MyFedora might be laid out in a navigational structure
  • Mockups - mockups of My Fedora screens


  • Build Tool case study - This tutorial describes how to build a multi-resource tool by looking at how the Build Tool was developed for the Packages Resource and modified to also use the People Resource

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