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This page is outdated
The EMEA e. V. NPO no longer exists (since Dec. 2010). We should probably create a page like the APAC or NA one


[edit] Fedora Ambassadors - EMEA

This page contains information about the Fedora Ambassadors in EMEA and their international NPO (non profit organisation). The official name of this association is "Fedora EMEA e. V." and it is registered in Germany.

If you want to join us, visit our official web page at http://fedoraemea.org

[edit] Board of the Fedora EMEA NPO

For previous Fedora EMEA board members, see History page.

[edit] Meetings

[edit] Statutes of the NPO

[edit] Press

[edit] Meeting minutes

[edit] Elections

[edit] Old stuff