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* [[User:Abompard | Aurélien Bompard]]
* [[User:Abompard | Aurélien Bompard]]
* [[User:Pingou | Pierre-Yves Chibon]]
* [[User:Pingou | Pierre-Yves Chibon]]
* [[User:Oddshocks | David Gay]]
* [[User:Toshio | Toshio Kuratomi]]
* [[User:Toshio | Toshio Kuratomi]]
* [[User:Lmacken | Luke Macken]]
* [[User:Lmacken | Luke Macken]]
* [[User:Ianweller | Ian Weller (part-time)]]
== What We're Doing ==
== What We're Doing ==

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Fedora Engineering

What we are

Fedora Engineering is the division within Red Hat who is responsible for:

  • Employing people full time (at Red Hat) to improve Fedora
  • Maintain, deploy, and improve Fedora's Infrastructure and Web Applications
  • Package, update, and bug fix Fedora's version of the Linux Kernel
  • Ensuring an open line of communication between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux efforts

Please note: Our job is to work on projects to improve the state of the Fedora Universe, but we are not here to replace the larger Fedora community. In all of our efforts, we strive to work tightly with the Fedora Community (both those inside and outside of Red Hat).

Also noteworthy: There are some people who work full-time on Fedora for Red Hat but are not part of the Fedora Engineering division. There are also lots of Red Hat people who work on Fedora in addition to efforts such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and upstream projects, but work for other groups within Red Hat.

Who we are

The Fedora Engineering team is managed by Paul W. Frields. This team categorization is here only for generalization, members of these teams often overlap in duties, responsibilities, and projects.

Design and User Experience Team

Kernel Team

Infrastructure Administration

Web Apps Team

What We're Doing

Our FY14 plan can be found here: Fedora_Engineering/FY14_Plan

We're currently working up our FY15 plan.