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Fedora Insight Press Kit brainstorm


  • Fedora Insight is a news portal where we aggregate news and activity from teams across the Fedora Project


Categories of content:

Perhaps links to examples of each of these?

  • Fedora Weekly News syndication
  • cutting edge news on activity from Fedora Project Teams
  • technical updates on upcoming releases
  • feature and functionality highlights
  • news and views from contributors and users via the Fedora Planet
  • Fedora Project contributor interviews
  • developer interviews
  • syndication via RSS support


  • Fedora Insight is continually updated with contributed content from across the Project and contributors
  • once we have content for awhile, map temporal/geo content contributions?


  • Fedora Insight features content from across the globe


  • Fedora Insight uses Zikula, a Content Management System (CMS), with close support and co-development between members from the Fedora Project and Zikula